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If you are buying or selling a home, or you are a lender who needs to know the overall condition of a property, you would most likely want to acquire the services of a third party inspector in Tacoma, WA. I am the sole proprietor of Exploratory Home Inspection, and I have provided third party inspector services to numerous clients throughout the greater Tacoma area.

If you request any of the third party inspection services Exploratory Home Inspection provides, you can rest assured that I will act on your behalf, and only on your behalf. I offer my buyers pre-purchase inspections to those wanting to ensure that a property they are interested in buying is free of faults or deficiencies that may not be readily apparent.

I perform sellers’ inspections for homeowners who need to know what repairs or upgrades may be in order to prepare a property for sale, or to avoid possible future litigation if a purchaser should discover an unreported problem. Whether you are a contractor or the property owner, you should feel free to ask for a new construction inspection or a home remodeling inspection. As is always the case, I will act as your advocate, perform any inspections you wish to have done, and provide the results to you alone.

Foreclosure inspections for lending institutions, insurance inspections and condo/townhome inspections are also among the services I provide. If you are a prospective renter, feel free to ask me to take a look at the rental property before you make your final decision.

When I perform any of the above inspections, I assess the overall condition of a property, I note features that are in need of repair or replacement, and I look for situations that should be addressed in the near term to prevent problems from occurring downstream. You will find my home inspections are conducted efficiently and thoroughly, and my final reports to be both accurate and all-embracing. If you want an inspection done right the first time,

I invite you to request my services. You will be glad you did.

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