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I am the sole owner and sole inspector of Exploratory Home Inspection, and I stick by my slogan – Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all! Hundreds of homeowners, buyers, lending institutions, and insurance agencies in Tacoma, WA, have expressed complete satisfaction with the services I have rendered.

When I am requested to perform a home inspection, doing it right means doing it thoroughly, doing it accurately, and fully reporting the results. If you want a top-to-bottom inspection, that is what I will provide. If you need a roof inspection, a foundation inspection, or you want me to look into the plumbing, electrical, or mechanical systems in your home, I will be happy to oblige.

I make it a point to look everywhere you want me to look, and to not look anywhere you would rather I didn’t. When my customers request a whole-house inspection that is what they will get, unless they attach some stipulations.

In any event, if my past track record is any indication, I know you will be more than pleased with my services. For some, my services are one-time services, while others look to me to perform periodic or annual maintenance inspections. Just let me know what you need, get a quote from me, and we can arrange a time for an inspection—and you can rest assured that I will do it right the first time.

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